Ascension, or spiritual evolution, is simply upliftment into the higher vibrations of the Universe, and it means that you will be part of it unless through choice you decide not to participate. However, as simple as it sounds it has far reaching effects, and nothing will be quite the same again. It is a wonderful event that allows you to move into the beauty and peace of the higher dimensions. (S) Evolution is the journey of moving beyond the concepts.

Lotus Everything is being tested, both internally and externally. For many years we have accepted without question the theories and beliefs given by teachers, parents, the media, churches, or government. The systems comprising the structures of society that can not hold up to the new incoming energies of truth are crumbling. Only those institutions based in love will remain. This is the reason for all of the present day chaos around the globe. The old ways are leaving, making way for new innovations for the betterment, and benefit, of all.

Gratitude Healing is at the forefront for planet Earth and ourselves, guided by the spiritual aspect. Be open to change. Letting go of the past is essential. The past holds many people as prisoner because they are not accepting the new. Holding onto expectations of the future can also cause anxiety as the future is forming every moment and is not set in stone. Instead set your intentions for the future and let it be. Don't be afraid to let go, once and for all, of everything that no longer serves you.

Know within yourselves that you already are one with the source and infinite abundance; that is who and what we are. Always the first step is to acknowledge that you are the manifestation of Source. This means that you embody within you divine ideas of completeness, and wholeness. As this becomes your state of consciousness, it then manifests in your outer world. Your next steps are then those human footsteps needed for whatever direction you are heading. When you make the human footsteps your first step, you leave out the most important part, and continue to create the lack you see and perpetuate the illusion. This is a spiritual universe, all that you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is a concept of the spiritual reality. Stay centered in truth at all times, and use discernment as a filter to help with this. (AG)

For those who have adequately increased their light quotient by eliminating lower energies such as fear, this will be a time of transference of your carbon-based blueprint to the ascended crystalline blueprint necessary to hold and contain the higher dimensional frequencies that we are now operating within. People may experience strange bodily ailments arising, called "ascension symptoms," from our bodies adjusting to the transference of frequencies within our being. Some will be undiagnosable with the current medical technology available. Once operating within the higher frequencies, disease will no longer need to manifest and will be a thing of the past. Healthy food and drink will be the norm. Healthy living will be as commonplace as light from the sun.

Peace The new stewardship of earth will be governed by those who have attained high levels of light and love within, those who emanate and radiate that light outward to restructure the very particles of matter in existence. To access these intelligent codes one must give and receive pure love through the sacred vessel of the high heart. The cocreation of divine love can only be accessed and magnetized through the purity of consciousness, which is how those with pure heart will mold and restructure the new earth as mentioned in multiple sacred texts. Many who have attained high levels of truth through the cleansing of toxic karmas will be serving to bridge the gaps within society, rather dimensions, as the examples and way-showers of the pure potentiality available through the matrices of universal love. These way-showers will be stationed in visible locations as the pioneers of new earth. (P)

The joining together of spirituality and science is well underway. The next great leap, or paradigm shift, for the way we live as a society is upon us where we will come together as a planet of ethical like-minded inhabitants living in oneness with the nature of Mother Earth within the Cosmos. Universal love is the lesson we need to adhere in order to live in peace. It is time to embrace the new golden age that is now birthing and live together with joy, laughter, compassion, giving, freedom, forgiveness, community, unconditional love, and 5th Dimensional being. Rest assured, everything is going to be ok, and after the awakening our world is going to be better than ever!

We are all of the light, we are all one.

Blessings to all.