The world is changing, a paradigm shift is well underway. The economy, the weather, politics, commerce, and human relations are all in flux. Society, at large, is transitioning. It has also been said that the universe is in constant motion and therefore is always changing.

The more visible signs are with the economy as unemployment is a continual headline, food prices along with fuel prices are on the rise, governments around the world are edging towards defaulting on their debt. The solar system is also showing signs of changes happening. The sun is about to reach the peak of solar cycle 24 and the planets also are all exhibiting their own version of "climate change."

The hearts of people are changing as well. People are not wanting to be enslaved to debt and the corrupt leaders any longer. Protests are growing, civil unrest is spreading, and collaborations within communities are taking hold. The old ways are proving to be ineffective, and secret dealings are no longer being tolerated. New methods are forming as people use their creativity to adjust.

Money as the prime motivator of exchange to facilitate services on a daily basis is becoming unstable, and is also becoming irrelevant within a community setting. As we transition into a new paradigm, there is no other choice but to work together as a global collaboration system to advance humanity. With enhanced collaboration peace will grow. As the global economy collapses, as the prices of goods and services reach record highs, as the sun rises again tomorrow, the blood in our veins will also continue to flow as the hearts in our chests will continue to beat. Food, water, shelter, and medicine are basic human needs as fundamental to life as air and sunlight, the latter of which require no form of payment to receive.

The sun does not need a paycheck to rise every morning and provide its supportive warm light. Flowers do not request money to display their brilliant colors. Plants do not require a form of payment to grow and bear fruit. Trees ask for nothing in return to provide oxygen for our lungs. Animals do not depend on any form of payment to survive in nature and they are all provided for adequately. Only our human created society at present time requires a form of payment to function as a service based society.

As the organizations, systems, and services we are so used to crumble around us, there will still be apples growing on the trees. There will still be blueberries and strawberries growing on the bushes. There will still be vegetables growing in the ground and people wanting to tend to them. There will still be people in need of medicine and medical care and people able to give medical care. There will still be people that enjoy building things such as houses, cars, and boats. There will still be artists. Education will still be an eternal endeavor. There will still be love and compassion.

At present, humanity produces more than enough food to feed the world population, and according to the Sierra Club, the entire world population would fit comfortably in the state of Texas. Also, the technology currently exists for all people to receive medical attention without deprivation. Mismanagement of resources is the main reason for all of the suffering. I know we are able to develop a better way to manage the services for basic human needs to adequately provide for everyone on the planet. Don't you?

As the changes continue, and if money continues to loose it's value, are you going to quit your service role to life on Earth? Are you going to stop caring for the sick if paychecks become meaningless? Would you help your neighbor without expecting compensation in return? Would you share the bounty from your garden without a price? Will we have a choice? Do we really need money to maintain a service based society, at least for basic human needs? There are better ways to do things. This is a time of change, and also of improvement, for the benefit, and betterment, of all.